Issue-Spot Cases Earlier With Experienced Attorneys and Former Police Officers, Including DUI Officers.

Get fast, reliable analysis of your client’s body worn camera footage. Don’t put off watching hours of tedious film until late in your client’s case. Upload videos as soon as you get them, and receive a comprehensive report written by experienced reviewers within days.

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Your Report Will

Identify the correct video and time for milestone events in your client’s arrest
Record any violations of police procedure
Describe issues that could lead to suppression motions

Why Use Body Cam Report?

Experienced Attorneys and Former Police Officers

See your case footage from another perspective. Our process is anchored in the experience of criminal defense attorneys and retired police officers, including DUI officers. They identify every issue that occurred during your client’s arrest and highlight significant criteria that you should review.

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Absolute Privacy

Submit sensitive data for review through a secure, confidential online process. After our reviewers write their report, your client's body worn camera video is permanently deleted. The report is yours to download, and will be stored in your account for 90 days before it is also deleted.

Simple and Convenient

Access reports in under 7 business days. Our quick turnaround gives you more time to make vital decisions about your case. Within a week after you submit your videos, you’ll have a report showing you where to look as you prepare deviations, plan for interviews, or file your suppression or dismissal motions.

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Pay Per Report

Pay a flat fee for any report covering less than 5 hours of video. There are no upfront prices or recurring fees necessary to keep your account active.

How it works

1. Create an Account

Fill out a short form and request your account. Once you are approved, you will receive an email with a username and password.

2. Submit Body Cam Footage

Create a folder for each client, and upload the body cam footage files you wish to be reviewed. Our team will assign it to the officer best suited to review your client’s case.

3. Receive and Download Your Report

Within 5-7 business days, you will be notified that your body cam report is complete. After you download, you will still be able to access the report from your account for 90 days.

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About Us

Body Cam Review, LLC was created by a criminal defense attorney, for criminal defense attorneys. After he developed it for use within his office, the system soon became so popular that other attorneys began asking to use it. Body Cam Report is the only online platform connecting experienced, retired police reviewers with attorneys who cannot watch every second of each client's footage right away.

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